Curbing and Preventing Corruption through government e-tools and digital technologies

The aim of this survey is to obtain your opinions and experiences of government e-tools and digital technologies in the fight against corruption. Examples of such e-tools and technologies include:

  • e-customs (web based customs clearance processes),
  • e-procurement (business-to-government purchase and sale of supplies, work, and services through the Internet or other information and networking systems),
  • e-tax filing (government provided online portal to submit corporate tax filing),
  • e-sourcing (the process of a government obtaining bids from different suppliers via a single online portal),
  • online registries for land development / planning

These are examples only, you may be using other tools which we would also like to hear about. 

This survey will only take 6 minutes of your time! 

Even if you don't have all the answers or the full overview at your company please respond as best you can.

We’d like to find out what tools your company uses and whether they are helpful in reducing the risk of corruption when dealing with government officials.

Your answers will be confidential and unidentifiable, no individual response will be cited in a way that it can be attributed to any individual or company.

If you would like to receive a copy of the report please supply your email address at the end of your report.